Getting started with MJM Global Search…

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We’ll aggressively market your company’s position to those hard-to-find candidates!

Here’s how we go about it…

  • We’ll first interview your hiring manager for detailed information on the position and your company!
  • We’ll offer our experience in determining a competitive salary level
  • We’ll develop an aggressive marketing plan. Elements will include:
    • Our extensive database 
    • Our website
    • A selective e-mail campaign
    • Direct contact to your competitor’s passive candidates
    • Social Media
  • We’ll evaluate and pre-qualify all potential candidates
  • We’ll develop a list of potential candidates for your consideration:
    • By abilities/experience
    • By job function/title
    • By geographic region
  • We’ll enthusiastically present your amazing career opportunity only to qualified candidates
  • We’ll continually apprise your hiring manager of the search progress
  • We’ll present only the most qualified candidates’ resumes for your consideration
  • We’ll arrange candidates availability for any phone and subsequent face-to-face interviews                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

After the interview!

  • We’ll discuss with you in the de-briefing of how the interview went, and your decision to either move forward with the candidate, interview others, or change the direction of your search
  • We’ll arrange for any subsequent interviews
  • We’ll assist you in negotiating the terms of your offer by:
    • Presenting the offer to your candidate
    • Negotiate any differences in requirements
  • We’ll counsel the future employee on how to go about resigning from his current employer, anticipating and attempting to deflect any potential transition problems such as:
    • Counter offers
    • Non-compete contracts
    • Relocation issues
  • We’ll confirm the start-date of employment
  • We’ll follow up with you and the candidate within 30 days to see how it’s working out, and congratulate you on hiring the newest member of your team!